The international World Dog Show will be held next time in Europe in 2020. The dog show will be organised by the Spanish Royal Canine Society (RSCE) on 23–26 April 2020 at an amazing venue in Madrid. The digital system for the entries and the online result service of the dog show will be offered by the Finnish Kennel Club’s subsidiary companies Showlink Oy and Prettybit Projects Oy. The chairs of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board and the RSCE Board agreed on the matter on 16 August 2018 in Brussels in connection with the FCI Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting.

"Organising a World Dog Show is a matter of high responsibility. Therefore, it can only be chosen the best. So, the Real Sociedad Canina de España trusts on the Finnish entry system, as it is known their experience in such events, wishing this cooperation contract leads our World Dog Show Madrid 2020 to a worldwide recognized success", says Chair of the Spanish Kennel Club's Board Julián Hernández.

“It is a great honour for us to get to produce the dog show services at a top-class event of the World Canine Organisation, Fédération Cynologique Internationale FCI. We are very satisfied that our Spanish colleagues trust Finnish know-how. It’s wonderful that we get to be a part of this prestigious event that is followed around the world by providing its participants and followers with professional and reliable dog show services,” says Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board Harri Lehkonen.

Finnish know-how has been utilised at the World Dog Shows in 2014 in Helsinki, in 2015 in Milan and in 2017 in Leipzig.

“I’m extremely happy and proud that Showlink Oy has been chosen as the cooperation partner of the World Dog Show. Once again, we have the chance to showcase Finnish know-how at an international event. The diverse competence and strong commitment of the Showlink personnel creates a strong basis for producing high-quality dog show services,” says a delighted Johanna Tuomi, CEO at Showlink Oy.

“We consider it to be a strong expression of confidence in our competence, commitment to the event and the operational reliability of our systems that once again our systems are producing services at the World Dog Show. Each international event together with the development work related to it generates new ideas and thus new features to systems, which means improvements in domestic services, too,” says Juha Tenhunen, Managing Director at Prettybit Projects Oy.

For more information:

Harri Lehkonen
Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board
Tel. +358 50 329 2188

Johanna Tuomi
CEO, Showlink Oy
Tel. +358 50 546 3040

Juha Tenhunen
Managing Director, Prettybit Projects Oy
Tel. +358 50 631 31


In the photo from left: Treasurer of the Spanish Kennel Club Eduardo González, the Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board Harri Lehkonen, the Chair of the Spanish Kennel Club's Board Julián Hernández, and the Finnish Kennel Club’s Executive Director Markku Mähönen.


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