Basic rules for dog owners and holders set a pattern for responsible dog ownership

The Finnish Kennel Club’s basic rules for dog owners and holders lists things a member of the Finnish Kennel Club must pledge oneself to follow as a dog owner or holder.

A dog owner or holder has the responsibility to look after the dog’s well-being and to also ensure that dog-keeping does not cause any harm for the environment. That is why it is important to follow common ground rules. 

A responsible dog owner:

  • has acquainted oneself with the needs specific for the species and the breed and ensures that the dog receives enough food, care, exercise, rest, and breed-typical activities.
  • makes sure to social train the dog and to teach it basic obedience.
  • takes care of the dog’s basic health care, parasitic treatments, and vaccinations as well as commits to take the dog see a veterinarian, when necessary.
  • takes responsibility for the dog and its doings, also when something bad happens.
  • learns about laws, decrees, and orders regarding dog-keeping and acts in accordance with these.