Different breeds have different needs and a dog owner must make sure that these needs are met. An owner must also remember that a dog is an animal and must not be humanized to excess.

A responsible dog owner takes the following matters into consideration:

  • A dog owner is always responsible for his or her dog and its makings.
  • Each dog must be trained basic obedience.
  • A dog must get enough exercise, nutrition and care.
  • A dog also needs to get to be outside, stimuli and enough rest.     
  • A dog must be kept on a leash in densely populated areas and the owner must always pick after his or her dog.
  • Dog keeping must not excessively harm the environment.
  • Other people and animals must always be taken into consideration when being out with your dog.
  • A good dog owner does not humanize his or her dog too much, but lets the dog live a dog’s life.
  • A dog owner must take into account the principles defined in the Finnish Kennel Club’s Basic Rules for Dog Owners.