The IPFD's signature events, the International Dog Health Workshops bring together decision makers from professional, regulatory, national, and regional, welfare and other organisations that are stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare and human-dog interactions under the tagline 'From Information and Collaboration to Action'. 

IPFD is about fostering information sharing and collaboration, for the best of all dogs worldwide. IPFD owns, powers, and manages the website. 

The 1st International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW) was organized by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) and held in June 2012 in Stockholm. The 2nd IDHW was co-hosted by IPFD and the German Kennel Club (VDH) and held in Dortmund, Germany in February 2015. The 3rd IDHW was co-hosted by IPFD and French Kennel Club (SCC) in Paris in Spring 2017. The 4th IDHW was co-hosted by the Kennel Club in Windsor, UK in 2019. The 5th IDHW will be co-hosted by IPFD and Finnish Kennel Club in Helsinki in June 2024. Learn more.

Goals & Objectives IPFD Dog Health Workshop 

To bring together stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare, including:

      o Geneticists, veterinarians, breeders

      o Representatives from governmental authorities, kennel clubs, cynological and animal welfare organizations

      o Expert and working groups on, allowing for face-to-face meeting for groups who have been working 
virtually through the platform

      o FCI committees and commissions (whenever possible)

 • To facilitate information sharing between stakeholders on current programs, practices, and research, through:

      o Planned and spontaneous communications at the event

      o Posters presented during event

      o Shared material before and after event

 • To connect people and empower them to move forward on specific actions

To foster an environment of collaboration

To continue promoting and expanding IPFD and as platforms to support international collaboration and actions between events

Registration is open to anyone who wants to attend.