Helsinki is totally unique combination of quirky urbanity and peaceful nature that gives silence and space to feel more, hear more and experience more. The people of Helsinki are small-town folk with a metropolitan mindset. In Helsinki, you can easily find trendy bars to sip natural wines or put on hiking boots and head towards the magical silence of the forest.

In compact city, everything is near. Wherever you travel in Helsinki, you can reach your destination quickly and easily either by walking or by public transportation. Helsinki's naturally beautiful islands are easily reached via ferry connections – some in twenty minutes, and the closest ones in just three minutes.

Helsinki is a pocket-sized metropolis that offers activities for all tastes

Finland has four very distinct seasons that all offer plenty to do whatever the weather – Finns are indeed very much outdoor people. Helsinki’s proximity to nature makes it easy to combine outdoor activities with urban culture.

The city centre itself is pleasantly compact, so you can walk everywhere and see the sights. Alternatively, you can tour the city on bicycle or paddle around the extensive shoreline in a kayak or canoe. Relax, enjoy and get involved! If it’s chilly, just put on a warm jacket, woolly hat and a good pair of walking shoes!

Day trips in and around Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the greenest metropolises in the world: over one third of the city consists of parks and other green areas. 

The sea too plays a significant role in daily life in Helsinki. The city’s shoreline is more than 130 kilometres long, and a mosaic of around 300 islands – many of them reachable by bridges or ferries –means that real nature is always close by in Helsinki all year round.

Helsinki offers great day trips within the city limits whenever you want to explore more. We’ve gathered some tips for you along with multiple interesting options in the beautiful surrounding areas that can be accessed easily by train, bus or car. 

Dive in and start exploring! 

Learn more about Helsinki on the MyHelsinki website.


Photo: © Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners