On medicating dogs and withdrawal periods

The purpose of doping control is to prevent affecting performance using medications, to protect the dog from strain in case it falls ill and to guarantee sufficient recovery time for the dog. If it is known that the recovery will take longer than the withdrawal period as defined for the medication, the withdrawal period may be extended. The withdrawal period of the medication is calculated from the last date of administrating the medication.

The withdrawal periods of medications can be found in the list of medications based on the active substance or medication group. In addition, medications registered for dogs and their withdrawal periods have been compiled into a table by therapy group based on the brand name and Pharmaca Fennica Veterinaria. The list makes it easier to find the withdrawal period based on the medication’s name. The list of medications is updated annually as the Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s publication has been released.

Colouring the coat or the nose and altering the quality of the coat using chemical substances is forbidden.