Supply and Demand - Every dog counts!

  • Can registries help homeless dogs?
  • Experiences of new legislation in animal welfare/breeding
  • Pedigree dogs and non-pedigree dogs – how do we get (new) legislation to cover them all?

Breeding for Health and Wellbeing

  • How to comprehensively address dogs’ health and wellbeing in breeding?
  • How to breed dogs that cope well in everyday life, both physically and mentally?

Big Data

  • International cooperation, data sharing, financial support/resources to develop tools for breeding: 
    • Genetic diversity
    • Parentage testing
    • Joint EBV estimation for health and mentality traits

Does the colour matter? Defining Breed vs Variety

  • What defines a breed/variety and how it influences health and welfare in dogs
  • Breed formation and how breeds relate to each other
  • Primitive breeds/populations
  • Crossbreeding

Program Overview, General Goals, Schedule, and Speakers

Please visit IPFD’s website,, for full details of the 5th International Dog Health Workshop.