Showlink Oy consists of a unit, located in the centre of Espoo, that focuses on dog show services and sales, as well as a Leppävirta-based unit, which is responsible for the Finnish Kennel Club's telephone counselling and data storage services.

The primary function of the Kustannus Oy Koiramme publishing company is to publish and produce Koiramme, the Finnish Kennel Club’s membership magazine. The magazine's office is located in Turenki. The magazine has a circulation of more than 140,000 copies.

Prettybit Projects Oy is a software company that is behind the Finnish Kennel Club's many electronic services, including the Finnish Kennel Club's dog register, breeding and event databases, online result registration service as well as Omakoira member service. The Finnish Kennel Club acquired the entire share capital of Prettybit Projects Oy in February 2016.

Employees and turnover

The Finnish Kennel Club group employs 65 people in total, of which the office employs 40 people. Kustannus Oy Koiramme employs four people, Showlink Oy 17 people and Prettybit Projects Oy four people.

The Finnish Kennel Club and its subsidiaries generate a total turnover of some €13 million.