The Council convenes annually for two regular meetings, in spring and in autumn. The spring meeting takes place in May and the autumn meeting in November.

In addition to other duties mentioned in the by-laws, the Council is tasked with:

  1. overseeing the Board’s activities
  2. processing Board proposals that concern the Finnish Kennel Club's activities
  3. processing matters that have been proposed to the Board for Council processing by Council members or member associations two months prior to the Council meeting
  4. deciding on the number of kennel districts and respective borders as well as approving regulations for a kennel district, a breed association and an organisation in charge of a prescribed canine activity
  5. approving of rules associated with the Finnish Kennel Club’s operations as well as amendments to these rules
  6. deciding on selling and acquiring shares that entitle for management of the Finnish Kennel Club’s immovable and real property

Two members from each of the 19 kennel districts and one member from each breed association is elected to the Council. In addition, the General Assembly elects 12 members to serve on the Council.  Council members and their alternate members must be members of the Finnish Kennel Club.

Immediately after the General Assembly, the Council convenes to a meeting to elect a chair and a vice chair from among its members to serve for a three-year-period.

In addition, the Council elects a Chair for the Board for a term of two years as well as nine members for terms of three years so that three members are up for resignation each year. The Council wields the decision-making power of members in matters that have not been assigned to the General Assembly.

Contact information of the Council