The Finnish Kennel Club processes personal data as prescribed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as laws, regulations and orders issued by authorities adopted on the basis thereof.

According to GDPR, everyone has the right to verify what data regarding him or her has been collected in different organizations and how the data is used.

The Finnish Kennel Club keeps a register over its members. In addition, data of all dog owners and breeders in the Finnish Kennel Club’s register are found in the Dog Registry. A person may choose to publish his or her data in the Finnish Kennel Club’s public breeding database.

Everyone can control how their personal data is processed

The easiest way for a member to access and rectify data concerning him or her in the Finnish Kennel Club’s registries is to log in to Finnish Kennel Club’s Omakoira member service online, You can log in to Omakoira after having joined the Finnish Kennel Club. 

A printout of personal data can be obtained also by sending a written and signed request by mail to the Finnish Kennel Club’s office or as an email attachment to the address:, or by visiting the office in person to check the data.

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