Unique digital collections

The first Finnish online museum for dogs was released in the meeting of the Finnish Kennel Club's Council on 29 May 2016. This digital collection of the Finnish Canine Museum is also unique on a global scale. The online museum presents the collections by theme. In addition, new thematic entities will be realised for discussing more extensive themes on the website. The first online exhibition discussed the Finnish national dog, the Finnish Spitz, and introduced the stages of this old, native breed.

At the address www.koiramuseo.fi/en, you can get to know old photographs, images of items and works of art. In addition, the best of the Finnish Canine Museum’s library and video collections will be added online. On the website, you can browse also historic works all the way from the 19th century and get to know the publications from the early days of the Finnish Kennel Club. The Museum is available in Finnish and English.

Get to know the history of dogs in Finland online

Donations to the Finnish Canine Museum

The Finnish Kennel Foundation accepts donations. A significant part of the Finnish Canine Museum’s collections has been received as gifts and donations. The Finnish Canine Museum specialises in collecting historical information and items related to native Finnish dog breeds and Finnish dog activities. For practical reasons, the Finnish Canine Museum cannot accept and preserve all items. Collections are accumulated primarily based on the created collection policy.