The cooperation with our two main partners Agria Animal Insurance and Hau-Hau Champion is based on agreements that are mutually beneficial. The cooperation also supports our operations and offers benefits to our members.

Our main partners

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Agria Animal Insurance

Agria Animal Insurance is the only animal insurance company in Finland that offers comprehensive insurance for dogs and cats.

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We cooperate with Agria Animal Insurance in a diverse way to promote the health and well-being of dogs. Through Agria, we offer our members free webinars related to the health and well-being of dogs. Through the joint activity fund of the Finnish Kennel Club and Agria, we award annual grants in connection with Dog Fair Finland for activities promoting the health and well-being of dogs. Agria participates in the Dog Fair and National Dog Day, and also supports junior handler activities.

Agria Animal Insurance offers members of the Finnish Kennel Club a 10% discount on their dog insurance. The breeder members of the Finnish Kennel Club receive a free Agria Puppy life insurance policy when they submit a litter registration in the Omakoira service.

Agria Animal Insurance also offers free Agria Puppy Life group insurance for litters registered with the Finnish Kennel Club.

More information on benefits can be found here

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Hau-Hau Champion

Hau-Hau Champion is Finland's best-known dog food brand, nourishing Finnish dogs with tasty food since 1955.

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Healthy, tasty food is every dog's right. That is why Hau-Hau wants to make feeding your dog as easy as possible in your busy everyday life. Behind the excellent price-quality ratio of Hau-Hau's products is the company's product development, passion for better dog food and decades of experience in pet food and nutrition.

Hau-Hau's products are always wheat-free and contain plenty of high-quality animal protein. There are also completely grain-free options in all Hau-Hau product ranges. The wide range of products includes dry and wet dog food, chew bones and treats. The products can be found in grocery stores.

In the summer of 2023, Hau-Hau Champion opened its own Nokian Nappulatehdas facility in Pirkanmaa, where meaty and tasty Finnish dog food is prepared for the needs of Finnish dogs. In the future, members of the Finnish Kennel Club will get to enjoy some excellent Hau-Hau benefits. Further information will follow.