An additional general meeting of the World Canine Organisation FCI has unanimously accepted new rules for the organisation in Brussels on 15 August 2018. The new rules aim to further enforce FCI’s activities by, for example, setting more prerequisites for becoming a member, and by outlining the procedure in case a member is in violation of the rules.

Various changes were made to the proposal for revised rules at the general meeting, and the number of sections in the rules increased. The order of the sections was also clarified. New rules were added, including sanctions for various degrees of violation against the rules. Several points were also clarified, including an addition to the section concerning a situation where an individual is relieved of their confidential duties in the middle of their term. A list of “terminology definitions” was also appended to the rules.

The new rules will apply once they become legally valid. This will take approximately three months.

Finnish participants at the Brussels meeting, FCI Board Member Kari Järvinen, FCI European Division Board Member Eeva Anttinen, The Finnish Kennel Club Board Chairman Harri Lehkonen and Head of Operations Markku Mähönen, are thrilled with the outcome.

“We have now seen through the process that started at the European Division’s meeting in autumn 2015. Based on the conclusion reached there, the FCI Chairman appointed a team of eight people to make preparations for the revision of the rules. Work on this commenced early in 2016 and was completed in spring 2017. The revision of the rules was on the agenda for the Leipzig general meeting in autumn 2017, but due to the meeting running overtime, the matter was not discussed. We ran out of time. For this reason, the Board decided to call an additional general meeting at Brussels on 14–15 August 2018,” says Eeva Anttinen.

“Once the new rules were unanimously accepted with 62 votes, a long process had been brought to an end and we now have current, up-to-date rules for our international parent organisation. As one of the members of the team working on this, I’m very pleased with the outcome.”

Founded in 1911, FCI has an important international role in promoting the breeding of purebred dogs as well as in monitoring the behavioural characteristics, breed-appropriate use and health and wellbeing of dogs. FCI has 94 member nations. Finland became an FCI member in 1935.

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FCI allekirjoitus

Caption: FCI Board Chairman Rafael De Santiago confirmed the new rules with his signature. On the left in the picture is the notary, and on the right the Head secretary Yves de Clercq.

Picture: Harri Lehkonen

Eeva ja Harri Amsterdamissa

Eeva Anttinen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club's Council and member of the FCI’s council for the European section, and Harri Lehkonen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club's Board, were both happy about Finnish success at the WDS 2018 in Amsterdam, which they visited before the meeting in Brussels.

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