The Finnish Kennel Club’s Board has decided to prohibit dogs living in Norway from participating in trials, competitions, dog shows and other canine events in Finland until further notice. The situation is re-evaluated in week 38. The reason for the prohibition is a serious illness affecting dogs in Norway.

The Norwegian Kennel Club has informed on 9th September 2019 that due to the serious epidemic in Norway, all trials, competitions and dog shows in Norway have been cancelled until 16th September 2019, after which the situation is re-evaluated. The Norwegian Kennel Club maintains a close dialogue with veterinary authorities in Norway and the situation is investigated.

Affected dogs in Norway have suffered from symptoms such as blood-tinged diarrhoea and vomiting. Their general condition has worsened rapidly.

The Finnish Kennel Club follows up on the situation and gives out further information as soon as we have new information. The Swedish and Danish Kennel Clubs have also decided to continue to prohibit dogs living in Norway from participating in trials, competitions and dog shows until further notice.

The Finnish Food Authority overseeing the health and wellbeing of dogs in Finland has been informed about occasional cases of bloody diarrhoea, but not in the same extent as in Norway. According to the Finnish Food Authority, bloody diarrhoea is a known disease around the world. The cases discovered in Finland are not contagious between dogs. The animal health situation in Finland is good.

Information about the situation is updated on the Norwegian Kennel Club website and the Finnish Kennel Club website (in Finnish).

Please visit also the website of the Finnish Food Autority for more information.

For more information

Harri Lehkonen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board
tel. +358 50 329 2188