The World Canine Organisation FCI’s Europe Section assembled on 15th October in Warsaw. The election of a chair and two members for the Section stood on the agenda, as well as nomination of the organising country for European Dog Show 2022.

The European Dog Show 2022 is held in France. Finland also voted for this alternative. Other alternatives for organising countries were Ireland and Ukraine.

The Chair of the Danish kennel club’s Board Jørgen Hindse continues to serve as the Chair of the FCI Europe Section. Barbara Müller, member of the Swiss kennel club’s Board, and Ioanna Galanos, Chair of the Greek kennel club’s Board, continue as members. Finland is represented by the Finnish Kennel Club’s Council Chair Eeva Anttinen. The fifth member of the Europe Section is Sean Delmar, Chair of the Irish Kennel Club.

The meeting also discussed other matters, including problems with information exchange e.g. when an irresponsible breeder or a professional handler moves from one country in Europe to another. These matters were brought up in connection with the Luxembourg dog show this summer.

From Finland, the meeting was attended by Eeva Anttinen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board Harri Lehkonen, vice Chair of the Board Tuula Laitinen and the Finnish Kennel Club’s Executive Director Markku Mähönen.

The FCI Europe Section represents FCI member countries in matters concerning dogs and canine welfare in Europe. The Europe Section aims to combat puppy mills and smuggling of dogs in Europe. Important interest groups and partners are the European Union, European Council as well as animal welfare organisations. The Europe Section also works to make it easier for exhibitors as well as participants in trials and competitions to take part in canine events in other countries.

For more information on the FCI Europe Section, please visit their website here


FCI Euroopan osasto lokakuu 2018
FCI Europe Section Chair Jørgen Hindse and Chair of the Board of the French kennel club Michel Mottet.

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