Event calendar

The event calendar of the Kennel Club is a handy tool for dog enthusiasts. In the calendar you can find important information regarding all events, i.e. trials, dog shows and courses. The calendar shows quickly e.g. the place, time, organiser and registration period for the event. The event calendar is open for everyone.

You can search the calendar for exactly the event you wish. You can choose whether you are searching for a show, trial or course during a specific period of time. You can also choose which Kennel district or association organises the event as well as possible breed group or breed and type of show. The data can be viewed in a calendar view or as a list. In the list view you can further select if you want to see all information or just brief information about the event. In the example below all shows for Labrador retrievers in 2014 have been brought to the view as a list showing brief information.