Nikita Tikka

The Council elects a Chair for the Board for a term of two years as well as nine members for terms of three years so that three members are up for resignation each year.

Observing Finnish legislation and these by-laws as well as the decisions made and instructions issued by the General Assembly and the Council, the Board is tasked with

1. steering the activities of the Finnish Kennel Club and managing its finances and property with the assistance of the office, which is led by the Executive Director 
2. representing the Finnish Kennel Club and dealing with its affairs at government agencies and courts of law
3. hiring and dismissing the Executive Director as well as, at the proposal of the Executive Director, hiring and dismissing the administrative manager and other officials on the department head level  
4. approving the organisation of the office
5. approving activity-related guidelines and regulations, which are subordinate to the provisions mentioned in Article 21.2.5, as well as their revisions
6. preparing and presenting to the Council spring meeting an operating review and financial report as well as an auditor's report for the previous year 
7. preparing and presenting the following year's action plan and budget to the autumn meeting of the Council
8. preparing and presenting the other matters included in the Council's remit
9. handling the implementation of Council decisions
10. approving new members and noting the resignation of members as prescribed in Article 11
11. deciding on matters to be assigned to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Board can appoint committees and working groups to prepare or handle matters that are assigned to them.

Finnish Kennel Club committees and working groups:

• Breeding Science Committee
• Breeder Committee
• Trial and Competition Committee
• Youth Committee
• Show and Judges Committee
• Future Committee
• Anti-doping Committee
• Koiranet Steering Group