The Finnish Kennel Club’s Board decided at its meeting on 25th November 2022 that judges that have officiated in Russia or Belarus with certainty after 24th February 2022 cannot, until further notice, judge in official trials, competitions, tests, or dog shows in Finland. Similar decisions have also been made by the Swedish and Danish Kennel Clubs.

The Finnish Kennel Club will write more precise instructions regarding this issue for show committees as well as for organizers of trials, competitions, and tests.

Information about all previous decisions made by the Board of the Finnish Kennel Club on measures taken due of the ongoing war in Ukraine can be found here (in Finnish).

For more information:

Secretary of Show and Judges Committee
Paula Rekiranta
tel. +358 9 8873 0220

Secretary of Trial and Competitions Committee
Hannu Liedes
tel. +358 9 8873 0287