Several dogs may find blinking lights and sounds from fireworks terrifying. It is therefore important to completely focus on your dog when walking it. At home, live your life as normally as possible and offer your dog a safe space to be in.

Loud noises and colourful lights of fireworks may scare several dogs. There is big risk that a dog that gets scared of the sound of fireworks manages to run away. To stop your dog from running away, it is a good idea to put both a collar and a harness on your dog when you go on a walk. You can also attach a plaque with your contact information to the dog’s collar. At home, keep an eye on your dog and make sure that it does not manage to escape for instance through a door that was left slightly open.

If your dog still manages to run away, contact organizations that look for dogs that have ran away. Such organizations in Finland are for instance Etsijäkoiraliitto (tel. 040 724 8614), Suomen etsijäkoirat ry (tel. 040 968 5985) as well as Vainu – Eläinetsijäkoirat (tel. 041 805 9423). Find information about the organization that is active in your area and learn how it operates in advance. If you lose your dog, spread the message as widely as possible. Social media is especially a good place to spread the information fast. As a member of the Finnish Kennel Club, you can report your dog as lost in the Omakoira mobile application.

Do not take your dog with you to look at fireworks, even though your dog would not seem scared of fireworks and their noise. If your dog is severely frightened, you should discuss with a veterinarian on best ways to help your dog. If necessary, the veterinarian can prescribe your dog tranquillizer meant to help with anxiety and fear.

At home, it is important to live your life as normally as possible. Make sure that there is a safe space available for your dog where it has privacy. Some familiar background noise, such as TV or music, may also help. Close the curtains in front of windows to block blinking lights as much as possible and make sure that your dog can hide in its own, safe space if it wants to. You can also give your dog a treat, for instance a chew bone, but you should not be surprised if your dog does not have an appetite. A frightened dog may not want to eat anything.