Puppy list

Harri Nurmela

A person looking for a puppy can view puppies for sale by breed on the puppy referral pages. Through the litters you can access the pages of the breed clubs, the parents of the puppies and the breed standards.

On the puppy list you can view how many puppies of a certain breed are available and what the price of the puppies is. The site will show you the name and post office of the breeder. The kennel name of the breeder works as a link to the litter specific list. As soon as an owner is registered for a puppy, the puppy will disappear from the puppy referral.

In the litter specific information you can see the information regarding the breeder and the breed, basic data regarding the sire and dam of the puppies, information regarding the puppies and their pedigree over 6 generations. Furthermore, you can view the health information, show results and trial results of the puppies' parents. The service shows also the previous litters of the sire and dam as well as their health and other results.