Because of the strike, deliveries of the November issue of the Finnish Kennel Club’s member magazine Koiramme as well as letters and packages sent from the Finnish Kennel Club’s office are expected to be significantly delayed. 

The Finnish Kennel Club’s subsidiary company Showlink Oy will print out completed documents, such as pedigrees and certificates, as usual. However, these are mailed only after the strike has ended. Documents can be collected from Showlink offices within their opening hours. Litter registration certificates can be collected from Showlink’s office in Espoo. Prepaid litter registration certificates, pedigrees for imported dogs sent to Leppävirta, diplomas, championship certificates, FIX identification certificates and other corrected registration certificates can be collected from Showlink’s office in Leppävirta. Documents can also be collected by presenting a power of attorney.

During the strike, all mail regarding dog shows is automatically emailed by Showlink, even if the exhibitor would have specifically asked to receive show numbers and schedules by mail.

For deliveries regarding Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland (such as permits to enter the fair), other ways of delivery are used, according to the situation, and delivery methods are discussed with parties concerned.

For more information and contact information:

The Finnish Kennel Club’s Office
Telephone exchange: +358 9 887 300

Our service numbers can be found here.
Contact information for our staff at the Finnish Kennel Club’s Office can be found here.
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Showlink Oy

Office in Espoo
Lanttikatu 2, FI-02770 Espoo
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00–17:00
Telephone exchange: +358 9 887 30 320

Office in Leppävirta
Kievarinkatu 4, FI-79100 Leppävirta
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:00–17:00
Telephone exchange: +358 9  88730 321

Monday 11:00–19:00
Tuesday to Friday 11:00–17:00

Inquiries regarding registration, litter registrations, import registrations, copies of registration certificates, FIX registration

Tel +358 9 887 30 277
Fax +358 9 887 30 310

Inquiries regarding championships:
Inquiries regarding membership:
Correction of trial results:
Correction of dog show results: