Four dog shows at Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland bring nearly 15,000 dogs to Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki on 16t th –17th December. At Dog Fair Finland, you can learn about different dog breeds and activities with dogs as well as do some Christmas shopping.

Over 6,500 dogs are seen at Helsinki Winner 2023, a Nordic Dog Show, held at the fair on Saturday. Also 850 dogs are seen in the Helsinki Winner Puppy Show. On Sunday, nearly than 6,700 dogs participate in the international Voittaja Winner 2023 dog show and 850 dogs in Voittaja Puppy Show 2022. You can see more than 340 different dog breeds in the rings.

Lots of programme for the whole family

Over 40 different breed clubs are presenting their breeds at the Breed Plaza at Dog Fair Finland. At the Finnish Kennel Club’s HauLife stand, you can get tips on how to get a dog and on how to care for it. Presentations on different breeds are also held at the stand.

At the Activity Ring, you can learn more about different dog sports, such as AgiDance and DogParkour. You can also get activation tips.

The Finnish Kennel Club’s Care Dogs and Reading Dogs as well as the Finnish Kennel Club’s youth section also have their own stands at the fair. Over hundred brands and sellers of dog supplies are at the fair.

Hero Dogs and Government Working Dogs of the Year are awarded at Dog Fair Finland

Every year, the Finnish Kennel Club awards the title Sankarikoira, Hero Dog, to dogs that have significantly contributed to saving one or more human lives. This year, the title of Hero Dog is granted to 22 dogs. Hero Dogs are awarded at Dog Fair Finland at the Arena on Sunday at 13:15. Prizes are awarded by Helena Suni, honorary chair of the Finnish Kennel Club, and Toni Lahtinen of Team Rokka.

The Finnish Kennel Club awards annually Government Working Dogs of the Year, which are chosen by the Police of Finland, The Finnish Defence Forces, Finnish Border Guard, Criminal Sanctions Agency, and Customs. The award ceremony takes place at the Arena on Friday at 15:15. Prizes are handed out to handlers of these dogs by Esa Kukkonen, chair of the Finnish Kennel Club’s Board. 

Dog Welfare Counsellors guide exhibitors on how to take the dog’s well-being into consideration

Consideration of dogs’ well-being is something that must always be kept in mind at dog shows. We remind exhibitors about these matters in the information letter for exhibitors, before the show, and during the show, for instance with different signs at the fair. More information can be found on our website.

This year, Dog Welfare Counsellors go round the halls at Dog Fair Finland to observe how exhibitors take care of their dogs’ well-being at the event. Dog Welfare Counsellors are Kennel Counsellors trained by the Finnish Kennel Club. They advise and guide exhibitors, and, if necessary, also intervene in situations where the dog’s welfare is at risk. They can award Canine Companionship rosettes when they meet exhibitors whose dogs seem to have had a fun, stress-free day at the show.

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