Keeshond Eerondaali Braveheart was Best in Show at Helsinki Winner 2018 dog show. The breeder of the dog is Petri Turunen and owner Taru Hankela. The Best in Show dog was appointed by Renée Sporre-Willes from Sweden. 6250 dogs took part in the show. 1011 puppies participated in Helsinki Puppy Show. Helsinki Winner was arranged as a Nordic Dog Show now for the first time.

Best in Show Veteran was Finnish Lapphund Peikkovuoren Vahea, owners Jaana Miettinen and Taina Friman. The Best in Show Veteran competition was judged by Svend Løvendkjær from Denmark. Best in Show Breeders Group was Taina and Ari Friman’s Finnish Lapphunds, kennel Peikkovuoren. The Best in Show Breeders Group competition was judged by Paavo Mattila.

Best in Show at Helsinki Puppy Show was Lakeland Terrier Ars Viva Tramontana, owner Olga Aleksashina, Russia. The Best in Show Puppy was appointed by Päivi Eerola. The Best Breeders Group of the puppy show was a group of Siberian Huskies from Tuula Alopaeus’ kennel Merrick, the judge was Olli Kokkonen.

Complete results from Helsinki Winner 2018 as well as Helsinki Puppy Show can be found in the Showlink result service.

323 different breeds were represented at today's shows. Finnish Lapphund (95), Whippet (93), Labrador Retriever (85), Golden Retriever (80), and Miniature Pinschers (76) had largest entries of all the breeds.

Dogs from 20 different countries took part in the show. The largest entries came from Sweden (260), Russia (200), and Estonia (100). Some had even travelled as far as from Australia, Hong Kong, and the USA.

Before the final competitions, the Finnish Kennel Club's Lauri Vuolasvirta plaquette was awarded to 51 breeders for merited breeding.

The last Finnish Championship Event in Junior Handling took also place on Saturday, judge was Pernilla Lindström from Sweden. The last ticket to the Finnish Championship final held on Sunday was won by Linnea Pietarila.

Best in Show at Helsinki Winner 2018 was Keeshond Eerondaali Braveheart. Best in Show trophies were awarded by Kari Järvinen, Chairman of the Winner Show Committee, Säde Hohteri, Finnish Kennel Club’s Honorary Member, Jussi Liimatainen, judge for FCI group 5, Harri Lehkonen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club's Board, Anna Linder, Country Manager for Agria Eläinvakuutus, and Nina Cohn, Sales and Marketing Director PRO Nordics for Royal Canin Oy.

Best in Show Breeders Group at Helsinki Winner 2018 was Taina and Ari Friman's kennel Peikkovuoren with Finnish Lapphunds, judge Paavo Mattila. Photo: Jukka Pätynen

Best in Show Puppy was Lakeland Terrier Ars Viva Tramontana, owner Olga Aleksashina and judge Päivi Eerola. Photo DogXpress / Anu Holopainen

Finnish Kennel Club’s Vuolasvirta plaquette for merited breeding was awarded to 51 breeders. Photo: Jukka Pätynen

Winners of the Finnish Championship Event in Junior Handling, Linnea Pietarila and Jenna Jalava, as well as judge Pernilla Lindström (Sweden) and Jan Waronen, Sales Manager for Agria Eläinvakuutus. Photo: DogXpress / Heidi Örling

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