The Finnish Kennel Club organizes Finland’s biggest dog shows on 7th and 8th December 2019. Saturday’s dog show Helsinki Winner 2019 is a Nordic Dog Show, and Sunday's show Voittaja Winner 2019 an International Dog Show. In addition to the Winner Shows, two unofficial puppy shows are also held over the weekend. Entries for all four shows are now open and the lists of judges have been published.

Nordic Show Certificates are awarded at Helsinki Winner 2019, whereas CACIBs are awarded at Voittaja Winner 2019. Finnish CACs are also awarded at both shows.

101 judges in total from 23 different countries officiate at the shows over the weekend, some of them travelling to Finland from as far away as Argentina and the Philippines.

Enter your dog now:

Helsinki Winner 7.12.2019

Voittaja 8.12.2019

Helsinki Winner Puppy Show 7.12.2019

Voittaja Puppy Show 8.12.2019

The easiest way to enter your dog is online.  Only dogs for which entry fees are paid and entry forms are posted at the latest on 31st October 2019 (post stamp), or for which the entry fees are paid, and the dogs are entered online at the latest on 11th November 2019 can participate in the show. The first entry period closes on 10th October.

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