The leashing period of dogs ends in Finland on Friday 20th August, as stated in the Finnish Hunting Act. The leashing period lasts from the beginning of March until 19th August.

Even though the leashing period ends, please note that the Hunting Act obligates you to also keep your dog on a leash outside the leashing period if you don’t have the permission of the landowner or the holder of the hunting right to keep your dog unleashed. The dog owner must always have control over their dog even if it is unleashed with permission. In nature conservation areas, dogs must be kept on a leash around the year.

Despite the end of the leashing period, a dog owner must note that according to the Public Order Act, dogs must always be kept on a leash in built-up areas. A dog may only be kept unleashed in dog parks, dog training areas and enclosed yards. However, the dog must still be supervised by its owner or keeper in these areas.

The Public Order Act also states that a dog may not be unleashed on an exercise track or similar running track.  Unleashed dogs are not allowed on public beaches, children’s playgrounds, marketplaces during trading hours, ski tracks maintained for public use, or sports fields. Ski tracks where dogs are specifically allowed are the exception.

A responsible dog owner knows dog etiquette and follows it to ensure that the dog’s encounters with fellow dogs, other animals and humans alike go as smoothly as possible.

Recall is one of the most important things a dog owner can teach his or her dog, especially for times when the dog is kept off leash. Teaching recall can even safe the dog’s life. It’s important to teach the dog a reliable recall already in puppyhood. Tips for teaching recall can for instance be found in Finnish at

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