For many young people a dog can play a bigger role than being just an animal. It can be educational. It can be the best friend. It can be a gateway to a new and active social network. It can be a way of life.  Making friends is often easier through a shared interest. Also, caring for an animal requires a sense of responsibility.

The Finnish Kennel Club has created a tradition of the annual theme -years. The year 2016 is all about the young dog enthusiasts. Youth-themed year is full of events for the young people and for those adults, who work with them. In addition to the events organized by the Club itself, also the kennel districts around the country are taking part in organizing activities for the youngsters.

Theme year’s purpose is to pay a special attention to Kennel Club’s youth-targeted activities and increase the general knowledge of dogs and dog-related activities among the children. 

Young Canine Master 2016

The main event of the year is the Young Canine Master 2016 -competition. The Finnish Kennel Club is arranging the thrilling competition for the first time for the children between 12 to 17 years.

The competition is all about a co-operation between a dog and its handler. In the exciting competition, the competitors with their dogs are performing various tasks from different canine sports such as agility and rally-obedience. In addition to those tasks, the Young Canine Master 2016 needs to have an excellent knowledge of dogs, which is tested in a short written exam. Could this be you?

Educational lectures also for adults

The Kennel Club is also organizing a series of educational lectures for adults that work with children with dogs. The sessions aim to support those adults working with the young dog enthusiasts. Lectures will be held in Finnish and are organized throughout the country.