The Finnish Kennel Club and the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) have entered into an agreement regarding the use of the Finnish Kennel Club’s entry and show system at the World Dog Show 2015 in Milan, Italy. According to the agreement the subsidiary of the Finnish Kennel Club, Showlink Oy, will also provide show services in Italy.

Representatives of the Italian Kennel Club observed the use of the Finnish Kennel Club’s system at the World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki last August. The system was not directly suitable for the Italian Kennel Club and it required some modifications, since the national regulations in Italy are somewhat different from the Finnish ones. The system functionalities now take into account the special features of the Italian regulations, that is the local breed variations and the national certificates awarded to them.

At the World Dog Show in Helsinki the results were recorded into the system directly by using tablet computers and the results were available on the Internet in real time. Through this new system Italy aims at providing services that are at this level at its own shows, including the online result service from the rings.

The World Dog Show will take place in Italy 11 – 14 June 2015. Specialty shows in all breed groups are also held on four consecutive days 10 – 13 June in connection with the World Dog Show.

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