The Finnish Kennel Club grants the title Sankarikoira, hero dog, to 18 dogs in 2017. In addition, 21 dogs get an honourable mention for their heroic deeds. The title Sankarikoira can be awarded to dogs that have significantly contributed to saving one or more human lives. The Finnish Kennel Club awards these dogs on Sunday 10th December at Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland at Helsinki Fair Centre. The dogs are awarded by Helsinki Deputy Mayor Pia Pakarinen and Chair of the Finnish Kennel C

This year, the title Sankarikoira is awarded to German Shepherd Riesa, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Sissi, Mixed Breed Tico, Karelian Bear Dog Aaba, Leonberger Manta, Labrador Retriever Otto, Belgian Shepherd Kössi, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Säde, Jämthund Kuuno, Tibetan Spaniel Nuppu, Welsh Corgi Cardigan Myly, Papillon Juuso, Barbet Valka, Yorkshire Terrier Yaya, Newfoundland Swabby, Norfolk Terrier Weikko, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Masi and Cairn Terrier Tyyne.

An honourable mention is given to Rottweiler Roope, Rottweiler Romu, Bichon Havanais Wili, Siberian Husky Rhaegal, White Swiss Shepherd Dog Roope, Leonberger Fanto, Mittelspitz Piki, German Shepherd Siiri, Brazilian Terrier Amigo, Giant Schnauzer Cara, Dalmatian Pipsa, White Swiss Shepherd Dog Tara, English Toy Terrier Batman, Pra?ský Krysa?ík Risto, Rottweiler Inka, Miniature Poodle Touho, Yakutian Laika Luca, Rottweiler Elli, Finnish Lapphund Aida, Spanish Waterdog Juju and Parson Russell Terrier Ada.

– Almost all dogs that bring joy and friendship as family members to both old and young are heroes. By awarding the title Sankarikoira, the Finnish Kennel Club wants to highlight some exemplary dogs that have excelled in protecting and helping people, states Harri Lehkonen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club's Board.

The Finnish Kennel Club's Board adopted the title Sankarikoira in 1997. Sankarikoira® is a trademark registered by the Finnish Kennel Club. This year, most titles are granted to dogs that have found a person in need of help. Dogs have also saved human lives by warning of attacks of illness and life-threatening situations, such as fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. They have even sacrificed themselves while defending people from wild animals such as a snake and an elk, and have helped save people from drowning.

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