No less than 13,696 dogs were entered for the Helsinki Winner 2014 and the Voittaja Winner dog shows, which are being arranged in conjunction with the Koira2014 event. The deadline for entries closed on Tuesday 4 November. Helsinki Winner 2014 takes place on Saturday 6 December and Voittaja Winner 2014 on Sunday 7 December.

These prestigious dog shows attracted a similar amount of interest, with Helsinki Winner recording 6,692 signups and the Voittaja Winner event 7,004 entries.

- We're very pleased with this volume of interest. Both shows received an almost equal amount of entries, which indicates that these two events are held in high regard by canine hobbyists, says Finnish Kennel Club CEO Markku Mähönen.

Even the massive FCI World Dog Show 2014 that was arranged last August failed to put a dent in entries. It looks like the great success of that event is in fact attracting more entries for December's dog shows.

- The Koira2014 event and the shows being arranged in association with it are this year's second high point for the Finnish Kennel Club. I think it's great that this event will also attract such a large number of fantastic dogs from both Finland and abroad, says Kari Järvinen, who is the Chairman of the Show Committee.

Both days of the Koira2014 event provide a unique opportunity to see dogs representing more than 300 different breeds. The schedule for these dog shows will be published by week 47 (17-23 November) at the latest.

In addition to the shows, Koira2014 will offer a lot of other canine-themed programme items. Come and see presentations of canine hobbies as well as trick and skill demonstrations or to hear an interesting lecture. Younger visitors can look forward to a dedicated toy dog competition on both days.

Almost 100 sellers of canine supplies will participate in Koira2014. Remember to check out what they have to offer and do your shopping at Koira2014!

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