Helsinki hosted the third meeting of eight European Kennel Clubs on 6th–7th September. The agenda of the meeting was about the current situation of the kennel clubs, the impact of animal welfare legislation in the participating countries, and co-operation in promoting health and welfare of dogs.


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The meeting of eight Kennel Clubs consists of the Finnish, Danish (not present at the meeting in Helsinki), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish Kennel Clubs. The aim is to exchange information and develop co-operation to promote health and well-being of purebred dogs.

As it seems, the corona pandemic has still left its mark on dog sports in some countries, as registrations of purebred dogs have not returned to the numbers prior to the pandemic.

Kirsi Sainion esitys kahdeksan FCI-maan kokous 2023

Dr Kirsi Sainio, Chair of the Scientific Commission of the Finnish Kennel Club, gave a presentation of the new Finnish Animal Welfare Law. The law is going to be implemented through a breeding decree.

Bill Lambert, Vice Chair of International Partnership for Dogs, gave a presentation on the current situation in IPFD and future views. The fifth international Dog Health Workshop will be organized in Hotel Korpilampi in Finland 13th–16th June 2024. Bill Lambert pointed out that the genetics of behaviour, not only health, is going to play a big role in future discussion regarding pedigree dogs.

Co-operation in various matters of the eight Kennel Clubs was discussed during the meeting. As many organisers of important dog shows in Europe were present at the meeting in Helsinki, the possibility of sharing plans of judges in future shows was discussed.

Esa Kukkonen ja Kimmo Mustonen syyskuu 2023
The hosts of the meeting, Chair of the Board of Finnish Kennel Club, Esa Kukkonen and Vice Chair of the Board, Kimmo Mustonen (on the left).

- The Finnish Kennel Club was glad to host this meeting. We had many interesting discussions and I believe that our co-operation is developing very well, stated Esa Kukkonen, Chair of the Finnish Kennel Club.

The next meetings will be held in Stockholm on 12th–13th February 2024 and in Düsseldorf on 11th–12th September 2024.

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