The Finnish Kennel Club will pay special attention to the dog welfare at Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland event and the dog shows held in conjunction with the Fair. All situations that threaten dog welfare will be taken seriously.

According to the Dog Show Regulations of the Finnish Kennel Club dog’s welfare always takes top priority at all dog shows and exhibitors must look after the wellbeing and appropriate treatment of their dogs. When entering a dog to the show, exhibitor guarantees to obey the Dog Show Regulations. Exhibitor can be removed from the dog show if the regulations are not obeyed and dog is mishandled.

The Finnish Kennel Club reminds, that the dog show judge must always intervene in a situation where dog is mishandled. Situations that threaten dog welfare or health can not be accepted.

Dog welfare and health is carefully observed during the judging. The judge must pay attention to possible exaggerations and faults which may jeopardize soundness and health of the dog. Also exaggerations in handling or grooming must be pointed out.

More information:

Miia Lahti
Head of communications
+358 50 555 4420