Marja Talvitie selected Cocker Spaniel Coastline Johnny B. Good, owned by Korpi Marianna and Finnig Anett from Finland as the Best In Show dog of the Helsinki Winner dog show. More than 6.700 dogs competed of the Best In Show title on Saturday. On Sunday the Voittaja Winner 2014 dog show will be held in connection with the Koira2014 event, featuring approximately 7.000 dogs representing 300 different breeds.

Zwergspitz (Pomeranian) Linnanhaltijan Quartz owned by Kalke Maarit & Hienesche Laurent was placed second of the Helsinki Winner, Dachshund, miniature, smooth-haired Naa-naan Ilotulitus owned by Selen Stina was third and Norwich Terrier Nanstop Polkagris owned by Suominen Raimo was fourth.

Group Winners of the Helsinki Winner 2014

FCI group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattledogs
Shetland Sheepdog Amor’jade Danish Wild Card, owner Kuivala Marjo, Finland

FCI group 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer type, Molossians
Great Dane, fawn and brindle Edendane’s Jar Jar Binks, owners Mahkonen Jani & Mahkonen Mona, Finland

FCI group 3 Terriers
Norwich Terrier Nanstop Polkagris, owner Suominen Raimo, Finland

FCI group 4 Dachshunds
Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-haired Naa-Naan Ilotulitus, owner Selen Stina, Finland.

FCI group 5 Spitz and primitive types
Zwergspitz (Pomeranian) Linnanhaltijan Quartz, owners Kalke Maarit & Heinesche Laurent, Finland

FCI group 6 Scenthounds and related breeds
Finnish Hound Kellolan Ville, owners Pusa Leena & Pusa Samuli, Finland

FCI group 7 Pointing Dogs
Bracco Italiano Fikret’s Easily Flammable, owners Tenhunen Marika & Tenhunen Teemu, Finland

FCI group 8 Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
Cocker Spaniel Coastline Johnny B. Good, owners Korpi Marianna & Finnig Anett, Finland

FCI group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs
Bichon Havanais Behave’s Joker In Jazz, owners Saariaho Charlotte & Räikkönen Kirsi, Finland

FCI group 10 Sighthounds
Afghan Hound Scaramis Unusual Me, Owners Suokas Salla & Nurmela Ari, Finland

Best breeder’s group
Reedly Road Pharaoh Hounds, breeder Evteeva Maria from Russia

Best veteran
Norwich Terrier Nanstop Polkagris, owned by Suominen Raimo, Finland

A qualifying competition for the Junior Handler Finnish Championship competition was also held on Saturday. The best of the day was Suvi Nousiainen.  Nousiainen and other successful competitors from earlier competitions this year will compete in the Finnish Championship final competition on Sunday.

The group competitions of Voittaja Winner on Sunday can be viewed live on-line.

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