Finland's biggest dog event, Koiramessut – Dog Fair Finland, will take place in Helsinki on 8th–10th December. During the weekend, 22 000 dogs are seen at Messukeskus – Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki, and 50 000 visitors are expected to come to the fair. There is a wide range of programme at the event for all people interested in dogs. The programme on Friday is a novelty at the fair, and focuses on the welfare of dogs and professions within the canine industry.

Big dog shows all three days and a record-breaking puppy show

Three international dog shows are held at Dog Fair Finland. Helsinki Winner 2017 dog show is held on Friday, Nordic Winner 2017 on Saturday, and Winner 2017 on Sunday.

The highest number of dogs, in total almost 9 000, will come to Messukeskus on Saturday. A puppy show with the record-breaking more than 1 000 entries is also held on Saturday. 

Programme for the whole family

There is a lot for the visitors to see and experience at Dog Fair Finland. There are different presentations and displays to watch; for instance, a herding display with sheep and a hunting display, as well as a toy dog show for children.

The fair programme on Friday concentrates on the welfare of dogs and dog-related career paths. Plenty of information is available for those studying in the canine field as well as for those considering on getting a dog or who already have one.

On Friday, two visitors can attend the fair for the price of one – the tickets can be bought in advance via the web shop.

Finnish breeds in the spotlight

In honour of Finland's 100 years of independence, the Finnish breeds are celebrated at Dog Fair Finland. The Finnish breeds have their very own fair stand in hall 6, with representatives of all five breeds.

Visitors can also get acquainted with Finnish breeds on Saturday and Sunday at the arena, where a display presenting the breeds' original use purposes, versatility and aptitude for even other sports takes place.

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