Finnish Kennel Club youth activities

The Finnish Kennel Club organises a diverse range of youth activities for dog hobbyists aged between 10 and 17. The Finnish Kennel Club had some 6,000 youth members in 2013.

Youth work enjoys a long tradition in the Finnish Kennel Club. These activities commenced in the latter half of the 1970s with the establishment of our first youth committee.

The most visible aspect of the Finnish Kennel Club's youth work is the national youth dog camp. Each summer, more than a hundred young dog enthusiasts and their dogs get to delve into a host of dog activities. The camp takes place for the 24th time in summer 2014.

In addition, young dog owners can participate in the Finnish minors obedience championship and 20 junior handler competitions around Finland.

The Finnish Kennel Club also organises training exclusively for young dog enthusiasts. These training weekends take place all over the country and are aimed at young people who have already accumulated some competition experience in their respective disciplines.

In addition to the Finnish Kennel Club's nationwide youth activities, the 19 regional kennel districts also engage in youth work and each district has a dedicated youth officer and a youth department.

The districts arrange various events and other activities for under-18-year-old Finnish Kennel Club members in their area.