Our goal is:

  • to promote the breeding of healthy and good-natured registered pedigree dogs
  • to promote the well-being of dogs and the prerequisites of good dog keeping in the Finnish society
  • to cherish the traditions of Finnish canine breeding especially for Finnish breeds and
  • to work diversely for the promotion of activities related to dogs.

As a forerunner of the industry, the Finnish Kennel Club distributes information about matters related to dogs. The Finnish Kennel Club actively cooperates with other stakeholders, influences decision-making related to dogs and advocates the interests of dogs also on an international level. As a national kennel club, we are one of the largest in the world: we have approximately 146,000 human members. In addition, we act as the umbrella organisation of more than 2,000 canine societies,

Values guiding the operations of the Finnish Kennel Club:

  • An open kennel community
    Our operations are open and democratic, interactive and international.
  • Healthy, socially acceptable dogs
    We maintain and develop breed-typical, healthy dogs for diverse pet, hobby and work purposes.
  • Finnish breeds are our national treasures
    We guarantee the vitality and appreciation of our Finnish domestic breeds both in Finland and internationally by maintaining and developing their original hunting and other characteristics.
  • Diverse canine expertise
    We take the initiative to respond to the needs and expectations of dogs, humans and the operating environment.