- We want to strengthen Nordic cooperation and high-quality dog show activities, says Kimmo Mustonen, chair of Finnish Kennel Club's Show and Judges Committee.

The trial period of Nordic Dog Shows lasts until 2020. During the trial period 2018–2020, no fees are charged from show organisers. At least one Nordic Dog Show must be held in each Nordic country per year. In the future, the Nordic Winner Show is a Nordic Dog Show.

The first Nordic Dog Show in Finland is held in Tampere on 5th May. Of the Winner Shows held at Helsinki Fair Centre in December, Helsinki Winner show on 15th December is a Nordic Dog Show.

A Nordic Dog Show cannot be an FCI International dog show. Both Nordic certificates and International CACIBs cannot be awarded at the same show. The new Nordic Show Champion title replaces the former Nordic Show Champion title, which required three national champion titles from Nordic countries.  

The rules for the new title are the same in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark:

  • The dog must be a national show champion in the country where the dog is registered.
  • The dog must have obtained three Nordic Show Certificates from three different Nordic countries, awarded by three different judges.  At least one of the Nordic Show Certificates must be received at the minimum age of 24 months.

In Iceland, the dog must obtain three Nordic Certificates from three different judges to achieve the Nordic Show Champion title. An Icelandic dog must have obtained the Icelandic Show Champion title, but can receive all three Nordic certificates in its own country.

According to Nordic Dog Show regulations that enter into force next year, the application for the title Nordic Show Champion must be submitted to the kennel club of the country where the dog is registered. If the dog is registered outside the Nordic countries, the application is addressed to the kennel club in the country where the last certificate was received.

During the transitional period 2018–2020, the old and the new regulations for the Nordic Show Champion title can be used in parallel. From 1st January 2020, only the new regulations apply.

National certificates are also awarded at Nordic Dog Shows.

Regulations for Nordic Dog Shows on the NKU website

Nordic Dog Shows in Finland in 2018

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