Kennel Club 125 years

The Finnish Kennel Club celebrates its 125th anniversary on 11 May 2014. A group of dog and hunting enthusiasts gathered to found an organisation called Suomen Kennelklubi in 1889.

Two dog-themed books will be published in the jubilee year: a 125th anniversary history of the Finnish Kennel Club by Kaija Unhola (in Finnish) and a book about Finland's native breeds by Tapio Eerola (in Finnish and English).

A historical exhibition has been put together to mark the jubilee year; it will be presented at KoiraExpo, the FCI World Dog Show 2014 and the Koira2014 event. The exhibition will be on display at the Finnish Hunting Museum in Riihimäki from the beginning of March to the summer.

Jubilee year events:

8.-9.2. KoiraExpo 2014 Messukeskus, Helsinki
8.2. 125th jubilee year soirée Messukeskus, Helsinki
24.4. National Dog day Charity Match Show, Finnish Hunting Museum, Riihimäki
24.5. Council seminar 2014 Hanasaari, Espoo
5.-8.6. XXI International Sportsmen's Fair 2014 Riihimäki
8.-10.8. FCI World Dog Show 2014 Messukeskus, Helsinki
22.11. Council seminar 2014 Hanasaari, Espoo
6.-7.12. Koira2014 Messukeskus, Helsinki

Portraits of past and present Chairs of the Finnish Kennel Club Board and Council will be made public during the jubilee year. The first to be unveiled will be a portrait of Eeva Anttinen. She is the current Chair of the Council and a long-term senior official. Portraits of Kari Järvinen, Paavo Rapila and Martti Mannersuo will also be unveiled.

The Finnish Kennel Club's historical exhibition will be presented at several events during the jubilee year.