Mission and values


The activities of the Finnish Kennel Club are nationwide. The aim is to promote the breeding and use of pedigree dogs as well as to improve general dog-keeping standards in Finland. The Club serves as a central organisation and a connecting platform for pedigree dog breeders and enthusiasts, in addition to which it works as a lobbying organisation for dog-related activities.


An open kennel community
Our activities are transparent and democratic, international and open to interaction.

A healthy, socially acceptable dog
We maintain and develop healthy dogs that are typical for their breed for diverse companionship, hobby and working purposes.

Native breeds – Finland's national treasures
We safeguard the vitality and appreciation of Finland's native breeds domestically and internationally by maintaining and developing their original hunting and other working characteristics.

Diverse expertise in canine matters
We take the initiative to respond to changes in the needs and expectations of dogs, people and the operating environment.