Find out what the breeding strategy means in your breed

Hannu Huttu

The Finnish Kennel Club's breeding strategy applies to all breeds. It outlines the main principles and objectives in breeding, and aims to improve genetic health of dogs. 

The breeding strategy has been approved by the Finnish Kennel Club Council. Thus the breed clubs are committed to follow the strategy in their breeds.

The strategy is in harmony with the Finnish Kennel Club's general regulations and guidelines for breeding. In addition, the breeding strategy takes into consideration the Animal Welfare Act, Section 24 of the supplementary Animal Welfare 
Decree, and the Council of Europe resolution pertaining to the breeding of pet animals. The breeding strategy complies with Fédération Cynologique Internationale's (FCI) Breeding Rules as well as the guidelines on the crosses of breeds and breed varieties. It is also in line with the FCI's International Breeding Strategies.

The Finnish Kennel Club's breeding strategy includes ten main objectives:

  1. Dogs that are used for breeding shall be above the breed average in desired characteristics in order to achieve genetic improvement. 
  2. A dog that is suitable for breeding is typical of its breed both in appearance and temperament, and it is free of ailments or characteristics that would make everyday life difficult. 
  3. Dogs that are used for breeding have sound temperaments and a breed-typical ability to function because this helps minimise the probability of their progeny inheriting mental traits, such as timidity, that make everyday life difficult and are detrimental to wellbeing. 
  4. The spread of defects and diseases that have a severe impact on the wellbeing of dogs (cause pain or discomfort or otherwise restrict the dog's ability to lead a normal life that is typical for the species) will be prevented. Only clinically healthy dogs can be used for breeding if such diseases are a concern. 
  5. Only dogs that can mate naturally and care for their puppies will be used for breeding. 
  6. Dogs from bloodlines with maximal longevity will be used for breeding. The life length of a dog shall not be unduly prolonged at the expense of its health and wellbeing. 
  7. The genetic diversity of all breeds will be safeguarded. It must always be ensured that at least 50% of the breed's gene pool, all criteria considered, remains in breeding use. 
  8. The Finnish Kennel Club supports and produces activities that aim to increase knowledge of the heredity, health and diseases of dogs. 
  9. Cooperation with veterinarians and researchers in this field will be intensified. The actions undertaken by veterinarians also support the principles and objectives of the breeding strategy. 
  10. The Finnish Kennel Club influences the international community through the Nordic Kennel Union and the FCI with the aim of promoting greater knowledge of and competence in dog breeding. Our actions within the international community always set the health and wellbeing of dogs as the most important goals.


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