Breeding and health

Breeding means improving genetic traits in a population through selection. In dog breeding, one wishes to accomplish a balanced, typical-for-breed temperament, good working traits, as well as health and longevity. A pedigree dog should be recognizable as a representative of its' breed, and it's structure should be healthy and functional, without exaggerating any of the features mentioned in the breed standard.

Well-being of both the puppies and the dam should be ensured in all breeding.

The Finnish Kennel Club provides advice in dog breeding, and organizes courses for breeders and breeding counselors of the breed associations and clubs. The Finnish Kennel Club maintains a breeding database, which includes results of health screenings as well as mental and working tests.

Breed associations and their subordinate clubs are responsible for breeding in their own breeds.

The main principles and aims for breeding are listed in the general breeding strategy.